Hana Kamea, Roch Gallo - Animals

from by Hana Kamea and Roch Gallo

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This is a song mean to get kids moving on the floor and into animal like moves that are good for integrating their developmental movement patterns. Great for preschoolers.


I Love Animals (lyrics and melody Hana Kamea, arrangement Roch Gallo)


I love animals, yes I do!
Some look scary, and some are cute.
They’re our friends and our family too!
So let’s move and dance with them, me and you…

First, touch your head and find your tail
Sink down to the ground, tucked in like a snail!

Rolling slug, rolling slug, rolls and slugs..
Rolling right into a puddle of mud! (yuck! slug sound)

Slithering Snake, Slithering Snake, Sss, Sss, Ssss…
Slither in the sand and feel snaky in your hands (snake sound: ssss)

Slippery Fish, Slippery Fish, Swish, Swish, Swish
Swimming through the sea, Swish your head and swish your feet (water sound)

Freckled Frog, Freckled Frog, Hop, Hop, Hop
Freckled Frog, Ribbet (sound), hops so high…. That she can’t Stop! (ribbet sound)

I love animals, yes I do!
Some look scary, and some are cute.
They’re our friends and family too!
We can feel them in our bodies, me and you…

Kitty Kat Kitty Kat, Meow, Meow, Meow
Kitty Kat, licks his paws and crawls all around.

Puppy Dog, Puppy Dog, Bow Wow Wow
Puppy Dog, Shakes her tail to say howdy howdy how!

Elephant Trunk, Elephant Trunk, Honk, Heavy, Honk
Elephants swing your trunks up and down to the funk! Honk!

Hurried Horse, Hurried Horse, Trot, Trot, Trot
Gallops with her legs so fast, (sound of galloping legs comes in here) then slows to find her spot! (pause as if stopping)

I love animals, yes I do!
Some look scary, and some look cute.
They’re our friends and family too!
They are here inside of us, me and you…

Busy Bee, Busy Bee, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz (extend Buzzz for a while, so the Bee’s can fly around the room), flies with her sticky honey feet into a flower’s fuzz.

Spiders on their backs with six furry legs (Ah! Spoken in scared voice)
Scurrying over the floor all over the place!

Woodpecker Birdy goes Tap Tap Tap
Tap Tap, Tap Tap, Tap to get some sap!
(sounds of woodpecker tapping)

Eagle Bird, Eagle Bird spreads her wings
Reaches her arms out wide to fly and sing!

I love animals, yes I do!
Some look scary and some are cute…
They’re our friends and family too!
So let’s take care of them, me and you
Yes better care of them, me and you
(SLOWLY) cause we are animals too, me and you!


from Be My Mirror, track released April 1, 2017
Roch Gallo plays all instruments, Hana Kamea vocals. copyright Hana Kamea



all rights reserved


Hana Kamea Vancouver, British Columbia

Hana Kamea is a singer-songwriter, Dance/Movement Therapist and Counsellor for kids, who also plays piano and guitar and has been singing and dancing since she was a kid. She trained in classical voice in her teens, and has sung in choirs and acapella groups her whole life. Hana has performed in many musicals and community theatre, dance troupes, and enjoys making up songs for all ages! ... more

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